GoGoNano Cleaner Kit – 100% Eco-friendly For All Fashion & Footwear

GoGoNano Clean is a brand-new, 100% natural and eco-friendly product that helps to clean all leather, suede and textile products.

Its main properties are:

  • Gives materials and items an intense clean
  • Cleans various materials including textiles, suede and leather
  • Safe to use and completely biodegradable
  • Concentrated formula
  • 100% eco-friendly formula

18.95 99.67 €/L

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Whenever you buy anything, you want it to last as long as possible. It can therefore be both frustrating and expensive when products made from materials like leather, suede or other textiles don’t last as long as you would expect. The best way to ensure your items, such as clothing and shoes, last a long time is by maintaining them properly – that includes cleaning them.

We understand that not all cleaning products are safe to use on all materials, which is why we designed Clean – a cleaning product that is both safe for you, the environment and for the materials you use it on. It utilizes the power of nanotechnology to provide a more intensive cleaning than other products on the market.

Clean’s formula has been devised to provide fast-acting and long-lasting effects for all materials, including leathers, suede and textiles. We know that you and our other customers want something that is easy to use. And that’s exactly what you get with Clean. Just apply the formula to a slightly wet brush or a moist cloth and get cleaning!

After cleaning your shoes, we always recommend to protect them with GoGoNano Protect or GoGoNano Stay Dry. Avoid bad odours and keep them fresh long time with GoGoNano Fresh.

As is the case with all GoGoNano products, both the container and the formula have been made with the environment in mind. The bottle should be recycled as you would other plastics while the formula is completely biodegradable, so it will not leave any trace behind when it breaks down and is therefore completely safe for the environment.

Dirty white leather & textile shoes that needs cleaning
White shoes cleaning with ecofriendly gogonano cleaner with hog hair brush

Weight 0.2 kg




GoGoNano™ Clean – 100% Eco-friendly Safety Data Sheet

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