GoGoNano™ – The Ultra Strong Waterproof Nano coating brand!

Discover nanotechnology

Welcome to GoGoNano, where Nanotechnology is made simple! It’s the revolutionary art and science of manipulating matter at a molecular level. Simply put, it’s doing big things by digging deep into small ones. Our waterproof sprays ensure that your valuable items are kept looking beautiful and pristine, no matter how much or how often you use them.

Professional Waterproof Spray Brand – GoGoNano™

GoGoNano™ has a range of products made with cutting edge nanotechnology. Our all-in-one solutions from stain removers to super hydrophobics combine all types of nanopolymers to reach the maximum benefits of the products.

Consumer electronics

GoGoNano™ Liquid Shield is our newest product for consumer electronics to protect computers, mobiles, cameras, glasses, tablets, gaming console displays and many more. This premium product helps to reduce scratches and other damage.

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GoGoNano™ Liquid Skin is perfect for your car’s windows, wheels and body – providing protection to your vehicle in areas most suspectible to damage and dirtyingl. It has a self cleaning effect, protecting your car from water, dust, dirt and rain. The invisible shield even helps to avoid corrosion and helps preserve the good looks of your vehicle.

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Textile & leather

GoGoNano™ Stay Dry waterproof spray is designed to protect textile and leather items: carpets, shoes, accessories, coats and many more. This amazing water and liquid repellent product works as a nano coating and can be easily used by spraying on items.

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Easy to use

GoGoNano™ products are incredibly easy to use. Just follow the instructions on the package and that’s it – your items will look like new for a long time!

Safe & Eco-friendly

GoGoNano™ products are water-based, making them environmentally friendly and safe to use. The products are odorless and don’t leave marks on your items.

Long-lasting effects

We keep ourselves up to date with the latest developments in nanotechnology. That is why our products provide a better and longer effect than others. With GoGoNano™ you’ll use less products and keep your items in better shape.

Where can you find GoGoNano:

We are looking forward to associate with new distributors and partners to provide the best of nanotechnology to their customers.


Really cool spray!! It works. #Musthave!

Compared with many different screen protectors but couldn’t get any results close to GoGoNano liquid screen protector. It has lasted over 3 months by now without any scratches occured and screen is so easy to clean. Recommended to everybody who are looking invisible and strong screen protector!


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